Emergency Preparedness

emergency preparedness
Colorado flooding 2013

Emergency Preparedness

There is no time like the present to address emergency preparedness preparations. Earlier this year it was devastating fires that scorched millions of acres across the western states. This past week rains of biblical proportions flooded Colorado and New Mexico. The threat of more rain looms as favorable conditions in the Gulf of Mexico support the formation of a tropical storm or maybe even the first hurricane of 2013 to impact the continental U.S.

The severity of natural disasters continues to increase. Is it global warming or merely deviations in what is typically referred to as the natural cycle, aka seasonal averages? With the change of season come shorter days and the inevitable transition to cooler then down right colder temperatures. We know this is the order of things so why not make sure we are prepared for what is coming down the road.

The best emergency preparedness for difficult conditions is planning for “what ifs” including power outages, disabled vehicle, getting stranded when severe weather makes travel unsafe to move on. The Ready.gov web site is one of numerous resources that provide details of what an emergency kit should contain. No matter what checklist you refer to each and every one includes the importance of a reliable flashlight.

EcoCentricNow LLC via our appliedinnotech.com web site offers a variety of flashlights that are ideal for every kit including kits for the home, work or vehicle. Our rechargeable capacitor and battery lights provide illumination without the concern of running out of batteries. Our crank flashlights, Vortex and LightStorm SL1, provide bright illumination and can also be used to charge cell phones. In this day of staying in touch, it’s comforting to know that your cell phone will be available even when the power grid is down.

September is Emergency Preparedness Month but the fact is every month is emergency preparedness month. Take the time to make sure you’re ready for what Mother Nature may throw your way.

NEED Projects Selects ECN as Battery Supplier

NEED Selects ECN as Battery Supplier

National Energy Educational Development (NEED) elects to purchase batteries from EcocentricNow LLC parent company of AIT. This purchase is an expansion of NEED to include both renewable energy shake flashlights and an assortment of batteries to their educational kits.

Contact Us to learn more about how EcocentricNow LLC (ECN) can help your company or organization purchase batteries in bulk.

The mission of the NEED Project is to promote an energy conscious and educated society by creating effective networks of students, educators, business, government and community leaders to design and deliver objective, multi-sided energy education programs. NEED works with energy companies, agencies and organizations to bring balanced energy programs to the nation’s schools with a focus on strong teacher professional development, timely and balanced curriculum materials, signature program capabilities and turn-key program management.

NASA Wallops Island, VA Rocket Launch

LADEE satellite launch from Wallops Island, VA

NASA Rocket Launch of LADEE Satellite from Wallops Island, VA – A Sight to See

Weather conditions were perfect on the night of September 6, 2013 to watch the launch of the Minotaur V rocket from NASA’s space flight operations located in Wallops Island, VA. Our viewing point was South Bethany Beach, DE approximately 40 miles from Wallops Island. Not a cloud in the sky when the bright glow to our southwest illuminated the horizon in a ball of yellow colored light. Within seconds the long flame from the rocket engines could be seen rising into the night sky as the vehicles trajectory took it directly over our perch in the sand at the ocean’s edge. Stage separation, a total of five but we could clearly observe three, was beautiful to watch as the spacecraft flew by. The rocket was visible for approximately 2 minutes before the pin point of remaining light faded into the eastern sky.

According to news reports the rocket could be seen along the eastern seaboard as far south as South Carolina and points north beyond Boston, MA. As close as we were to NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility our viewing location was nothing short of fantastic.

The Minotaur V rocket is carrying the LADEE satellite, which stands for Lunar Atmosphere Dust Environment Explorer. After launch the rocket will orbit the earth before continuing its journey to the moon to explore dust particulate in the thin lunar atmosphere. The abundance of dust on the lunar surface has been a mystery since the Apollo missions transported men to the moon starting in 1969.

The Minotaur V rocket has a long history in the U.S. arsenal. Its ancestry dates back to when it was referred to as the Peacekeeper missile. This is the first time a rocket launched from NASA’s Wallops Island, VA facility will leave earth’s orbit. Without question watching future night time launches is a must see event.

ASD Trade Show and Light Finder Luminescent Wall Mount

Light Finder Luminescent Wall Mount

ASD Trade Show and Light Finder Glow in the Dark Wall Mount

Presenting Light Finder glow in the dark wall mount at the ASD Trade Show this September 8th and 9th, 2013. Always find your flashlight with the Light Finder luminescent wall mount. Light Finder flexible wings are designed to hold a large assortment of flashlight sizes and the radiant additive glows for up to 8 hours without batteries or use of an electrical outlet. Exposure to room light is all Light Finder needs to activate the phosphorus additive. Accessorized with anchor screws the wall mount is easily installed in locations where handy access to your flashlight is needed. An added advantage to Light Finder is instant room orientation when the lights are out. It’s like having a night light with zero maintenance.

If you’re at the ASD trade show visit the booth for Wing Sales, Inc.

The Preparedness Shop Selects Vortex Flashlights

Vortex Crank Flashlight

Preparedness Shop Selects Vortex Crank Flashlights

September is Emergency Preparedness month and what better way to make sure you’re prepared for what the fall and winter months may bring is to make sure you have reliable lighting. The Vortex Crank flashlight is a spotlight, floodlight, emergency signal, and phone charger. It’s also waterproof to 33 feet. Vortex is a robust flashlight designed to withstand years of use. This is not a cheesy crank flashlight the goes whir and produces a marginal amount of light. Vortex spotlight with illuminate objects over 100 feet away or flood an area over 30 away with bright white light.

ECN is proud to supply our customers including The Preparedness Shop with our quality flashlights.  Check out their great selection of other  gear to get you through and emergency or enjoy a camping adventure.