November is Warming Up

November is Turning Up The Heat

The cold November chill that captured much of North America was apparently not the big chill the planet needed to reverse the trend of global warming.  In a press release from Cape Canaveral, FL on Tuesday government scientist reported that November was the warmest on record dating back to 1880 when record keeping began.  Average temperature measurement data that combines both water and land temperature readings showed the month of November was 1.4 degrees above the 20th century average. The trend of increasing temperatures in November has been ongoing for the past 37 years and is symptomatic of the general trend of increasing temperatures over the past 29 years.

Is energy conservation and efficiency the lynch-pin to stabilizing or even reversing this trend? What role will LED technology play in obtaining energy management goals?

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Good-bye Incandescent Light Bulb

Incandescent Light Bulb

Audios Incandescent Light Bulb

When the ball drops in Times Square and countless other venues across the U.S. on New Year’s Eve not only does the landing of the orbs represent the end of 2013 but also the end of the incandescent light bulb? At least bulbs that use 40 watts or more of power. This phase out is the result of implementing the third leg of Congressional legislation, passed in 2007, aimed at transitioning the incandescent light bulb of Edison to more efficient new lighting technologies. The purpose of the law is to drive consumers to purchase lighting products such as fluorescent bulbs and as prices continue to drop to LED lights where energy saving of 75% and higher result from the changeover. In addition, huge savings from maintenance service reductions at commercial properties are also realized. How many more drops of New Year’s Eve globes will there be before fluorescent lamps go the way of incandescent light bulbs and the only lighting device future generations know is LED? Fortunately, many of the New Year’s Eve globes have already been converted to LEDs so no need to worry about “seeing” the start of 2014.

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