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NightStar RS and Fortronics Corporation

Fortronics Corporation aka Test Equipment Depot continues to find value in retailing NightStar RS flashlights to New England customers. Recognizing the value of no battery and maintenance free shake flashlights from Applied Innovative Technologies, wholly owned by EcoCentricNow LLC, Fotronics for years has distributed NightStar RS shake flashlight recognizing its product quality and customer satisfaction.

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Trade Show Events: Firemen’s Expo (Baltimore), ANME (Chicago) and ASD (Las Vegas)

Trade Shows

Solid trade show exposure during recent weeks. Starting with Firehouse Expo trade show at the Baltimore Convention Center. Good showing of the all things fire department related including fire apparatus, equipment vendors and organizations whose mission is to support the health and safety of fire fighters and their families.

Emergency lighting equipment, which includes LED Warning Lights and LED Batons, are displayed showing their benefit as valuable tools with identifying work zones, accident scenes and supporting crowd control at various events.  Another benefit of the warning lights is support of landing zone demarcation for helicopter landings. State police and fire personnel have high praise for the effectiveness of the warning lights with bringing in a Flight for Life helicopter.  The environmental benefit is significant by eliminating chemical flare residue from polluting streams and rivers.

The LED warning lights and LED baton were also presented at the ANME show along with Vortex flashlight.  Good response on both products. Great opportunity to build upon recent sales of the Vortex Crank Flashlight to the U.S. Army. Trade shows are a great way to present this superior quality crank flashlight that operates as a spotlight, floodlight, emergency beacon and phone recharged. In addition to robust construction Vortex is capable of underwater submersion to a depth of 10 meters (33 feet). Vortex is an excellent everyday flashlight offering superior performance and quality of manufacturing to the run of the mill crank lights.

Wrapping up with the ASD show in Chicago.  Event was slower than previous years.  Good opportunity to present the Light Finder luminescent wall mount.  Light Finder is designed to hold a variety of flashlights ranging from battery C cell size and smaller.  Wall mounting Light Finder in strategic locations around the home and work supports convenience and emergency preparedness by being able to immediately find your flashlight or lamp when the power goes out.  Wall mount also aids in room orientation.

AIT Drop Ship Program

Drop Shipping – Why Its Popular

Supply chain management services such as AIT’s drop ship program is a fantastic way to get products to customers quickly. Applied Innovative Technologies (AIT) provides drop ship services to our customers as a way of supporting mutual business success. As an importer and distributor our supply chain role includes coordination with factories that manufacture merchandise based upon defined production schedules, logistics management of merchandise importation via ocean (in most cases) and overland transportation and management of warehouse operations including inventory control, packing supplies, shipping and handling.

An advantage of the AIT drop ship program is retailers do not need to manage inventory, which is a significant cost burden.  Increasingly retailers large and small take advantage of drop ship programs that allow retailers to diversify their merchandise portfolio, improve cash flow and use operating capital for marketing and other expenses. From a bookkeeping perspective drop shipping eliminates the issues associated with FIFO or LIFO inventory control.

Often time’s retailers use a private label system of packing slips and invoices to keep the focus of the customer transaction on their company.  There are several rationales for this behavior two of which are to manage competitive pressure and to promote a customer shopping experience that is unique to that company, which also includes a variety of customer service actions and responsibilities.

Many online retailers, which include brick and mortar businesses and catalog companies, take advantage of drop ship programs. Major online players such as EBay and have rewritten the map regarding online shopping that uses a drop ship program with more retailers entering the market daily.  With significant growth in eCommerce this trend will continue. Evidence of this is the number of transactions now taking place over mobile devices and the general rise is online purchasing.

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U.S. Military repurchases Vortex Crank Flashlight

U.S. Military and AIT Flashlights

Since 1999 AIT has supplied branches of the military with our flashlights including NightStar No Battery shake flashlight (white, green and red LED) and the Vortex Crank flashlight.  The reason for ongoing purchases by the military is AIT lights deliver superior performance and the quality of manufacturing that includes components and assembly is superior to products that are similar in concept.

Soon after AIT received Best in Class and Best in Show awards by the Denver Chamber of Commerce for the innovative design of the NightStar flashlight, opportunities to supply all branches of the military soon developed.

What’s behind the claim of superior performance!

NightStar innovative engineering design allows the flashlight to withstand submersion to depths exceeding 500 feet, impacts associated with drops from a height of 4 feet, hot and cold temperature cycles that range from -50 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit and resistance to a variety of chemicals.  Incorporating a 1.5 farad capacitor for electricity storage the NightStar design maximizes electricity generation through efficiently transferring mechanical energy into electrical energy via a linear generator.  Coil geometry was maximized including calculating the proper gage of copper wire and number of turns around the internal power cell.  When all is said and done NightStar no battery design is intended to provide decades of maintenance free light.

Transitioning to the Vortex crank flashlight.

NightStar will always be recognized as the world’s most reliable flashlight but limitations in light output open the door for other renewable energy flashlights such as the Vortex crank flashlight. Vortex heavy duty crank designed is capable of underwater submersion to 33 feet and can withstand significant impact. Its operation as a spotlight, floodlight, flashing emergency beacon, the result of a NiMH rechargeable battery, and charger for cell phones and other low voltage devices makes Vortex an excellent light for emergency kits and a variety of daily uses. The combination of robust design and diverse functionality is what led the U.S. Army to purchase Vortex.

NightStar and Vortex reliability and performance is unmatched and consistently delivers when need by military personnel and civilians.