BrightGuy and Wisemen Trading Keep Shining with NightStar jP

Shake Light 40 Rechargeable Battery Flashlight
Shake Flashlight – SL40


NightStar jP Lights the Way

The continued sales success of NightStar jP LED flashlight with retailers Wisemen Trading and Supply and BrightGuy Inc. is a testament to the confidence their customers have in the quality and performance of ECN lighting merchandise.

Each retailer has been an ECN customer for well over ten years. Not limited to the NightStar line both distributors also retail the Shake Light 40 flashlight and other ECN merchandise. It’s an honor to have these long term partners supporting the sale of our renewable energy lighting.

Wisemen Trading and Supply is located in Athens, Alabama. In business since 1998, the Wahl family embraces the rural living and outdoor adventures northern Alabama and surrounding states offer. Wiseman’s product mix of survival gear and food stocks make them a “go to place” and authority on self sufficiency and practices for enjoying the great outdoors.

The folks at BrightGuy, Inc. are flashlight officinados. Located in Willoughby, OH BrightGuy is a major supplier of flashlights to firefighters, police, industry and outdoor sports enthusiast. They carry all major brands of portable lighting equipment. A family run business BrightGuy shines in customer service.

Emergency Lighting and Preparedness Equipment

Emergency Lighting and Preparedness Equipment

Portable emergency lighting is an essential tool for police, fire and utility workers; however, emergency equipment is also essential for everyone. An emergency by definition is a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action. The ability to manage an emergency involves planning and preparation.

Portable Lighting

Portable lighting, which includes flashlights, lanterns, LED electronic flares, and LED batons are invaluable during power outages or when an accident occurs. Lighting is necessary to identify potential hazards, help with search and rescue and provide a sense of comfort. LED lighting is available in all forms of portable devices and ranges from blinding bright light to low level light. There are times when excessive bright light can actually be a hindrance. For situations where high contrast illumination is desired that is not overwhelmingly bright consider the NightStar Green LED No Battery flashlight.

For most people power outages last but a few hours but increasingly as severe weather, flooding, fires, earthquakes and tsunamis strike with devastating effect power outages and other emergency situations are measured in weeks or longer in extreme cases.

Advanced Warning

The longer lead time a person has for monitoring an advisory, warning or watch issued by the weather service the more proactive a person can be with taking shelter or evacuating an area. Communication tools such as a radio that includes a crank radio or NOAA weather radio equipped with automatic alarm, and a means of charging a cell phone or other low voltage device via a remote charging station such as a solar charger are all tools that should be considered if not included in an emergency kit at home, work or the vehicle. offers a wide range of emergency equipment including lighting, radios, emergency signaling devices and solar charging stations. Our assortment of shake, crank, solar and battery powered devices are manufactured for reliability and performance. We take safety seriously. The level of devastation that can occur in a matter of seconds is unimaginable unless you have witnessed such an event in person. TV news is no substitute for the real thing!

Winter Weather is Taking Its Toll

Vortex Crank Flashlight
Vortex Crank Flashlight

Winter is Taking Its Toll

Left in the Dark? Welcome to the club. So far this winter 6 major snow, sleet and ice storms have brought the country to a standstill leaving millions of homes without power, commuters stranded in their vehicles during dangerous winter storm conditions and countless folks relegated to staying home and hunkered down until circumstances improve.

Schools, government and private sector offices have shut down, at times to late into the winter weather crisis leaving thousands stuck in dangerous conditions. New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois and other states struggle to get salt and sand for winter road maintenance and power crews work long hours to repair downed lines. People in the Midwest struggle to acquire enough propane to keep homes from freezing. What a winter it’s been and weeks remain before spring. In the meantime what preparations have you made to keep your family safe?

Introducing a revolutionary new portable light, the Vortex Flashlight, which NEVER requires replacement batteries, recharges by cranking and is super bright.

The Vortex Flashlight has 3 light modes and charges cell phones and other devices too.

In Floodlight Mode two .5 watt LEDs emit a broad beam of light that provide general floodlight illumination to a distance of 30 feet. Switching to Spotlight Mode a high brightness 1 watt center mounted LED generates a powerful ray of light, which can illuminate objects over 120 feet away. Stranded and need to summon help then switch to Emergency Beacon Mode. The 1 watt spotlight flashes SOS with the light beam capable of being seen from miles away. In addition to operation as a flashlight the Vortex crank generator also charges a variety of low power devices most importantly your cell phone. Always stay connected with love ones without depending on the power grid or car battery to recharge your mobile device.

Vortex is manufactured to provide years of reliable use, one of the reasons the U.S. Army selected the flashlight for their emergency kits. The impact resistant housing is rugged and withstands underwater submersion to a depth of 33 ft.

Vortex is a “tool” designed to keep you and your family safe and comfortable during emergencies or whenever a flashlight is needed for activities including camping, working around the house or as a contractor work light. Need “Light”… choose the Vortex Crank Flashlight and Phone Charger.