Alien Encounter (NightStar Video)

NightStar Flashlight and its alien connection

Mysterious sightings of silent flying machines cutting through the night sky, crop circles magically appearing, strange encounters with one eyed beings from another world; are the perpetrators behind these alien encounters the same beings who are responsible for the technology of the NightStar No Battery flashlight?

This documentary details how a simple mistake by popcorn eating, crop circle architects from another world provided alien inspiration and technological knowhow that enabled earthlings to manufacture a flashlight that never requires bulbs, batteries or maintenance. Is research into the design features of the NightStar flashlight the foundation for what eventually led to building the non-existent base dubbed Area 51? What earthly scientist and engineers (a tribute to Howard Wolowitz) would think of a flashlight that can float, withstand the harshest conditions on the planet and be ready after a few steady shakes, actually 30 seconds of shaking but who’s counting?

Taking “prepper” to a whole new level, NightStar not only lights the way for treks through the jungle, across the great deserts, and plowing through blizzard conditions at the polar caps it also keeps Steve and Jim safe as they travel across the universe.

Put on your headset or turn up your speakers. Enjoy the show!

Were Extraterrestrials behind NightStar’s Innovative Genius?

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