ASD Trade Show and Light Finder Luminescent Wall Mount

Light Finder Luminescent Wall Mount

ASD Trade Show and Light Finder Glow in the Dark Wall Mount

Presenting Light Finder glow in the dark wall mount at the ASD Trade Show this September 8th and 9th, 2013. Always find your flashlight with the Light Finder luminescent wall mount. Light Finder flexible wings are designed to hold a large assortment of flashlight sizes and the radiant additive glows for up to 8 hours without batteries or use of an electrical outlet. Exposure to room light is all Light Finder needs to activate the phosphorus additive. Accessorized with anchor screws the wall mount is easily installed in locations where handy access to your flashlight is needed. An added advantage to Light Finder is instant room orientation when the lights are out. It’s like having a night light with zero maintenance.

If you’re at the ASD trade show visit the booth for Wing Sales, Inc.

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