Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

Chilren with Flashlights

Business success can be measured in many ways, but perhaps the most deeply moving victory (at least for those of us at AIT) is when we discover that our charitable donations make a difference to those less fortunate then ourselves. Last year AIT donated several hundred NightStar flashlights to the non-profit organization “Village of Hope”. In a village without light surrounded by forest dangers, children and grownups alike can now more safely walk trails at night using their NightStar flashlights.

Since inception Applied Innovative Technologies (AIT) has visualized itself as being more than a business; we are a member of our community both locally and globally.  We take pride and enjoyment in partnering with high schools, colleges, relief organizations, churches and others in support of education, assisting with emergency preparedness or improving our world by offering eco-friendly products that deliver lasting performance.

Many of our products including NightStar flashlights, NightStar Physics Book and our Vortex and LightStorm crank flashlights promote renewable energy by providing demonstration tools that support the understanding of electricity generation and storage.  AIT participates in children’s education by making our flashlights available to schools, science museums, children’s museums and other educational facilities at discounted prices.

AIT is privileged to work with churches and other non-profit organizations that help communities in the U.S. and abroad.  For many communities the luxury of electricity because of undeveloped infrastructure or the result of severe weather is a challenge and providing a reliable light source helps in ensuring safety and comfort to children and adults.

We welcome the opportunity to support your non-profit organization. If interested in learning more about partnering with Applied Innovative Technologies please contact us.



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