Superior Performance – Lasting Benefits!

Since 1997 Applied Innovative Technologies has globally distributed useful and unique products that provide lasting performance. Our vow to this philosophy is the basis for bringing to market superior quality merchandise that can be counted on for everyday use or under the most extreme conditions. Our commitment to this principle is the foundation for our business success where we value quality and longevity.

Market channels for our merchandise includes recreation, emergency preparedness, eco-friendly (green), automotive, marine, and hardware. Our customers include retail consumers, non-profit organizations, Federal, state and local governments, educational institutions (schools and museums) and the transportation industry.

AIT is a Colorado registered company wholly owned by EcoCentricNow LLC. Many AIT products are engineered in the U.S.A. or are the design of our manufacturing partners who collaborate with AIT on product improvements.

AIT is committed to the advancement of technologies and products that support the tagline “Nature and Technology can Co-exists”. Please contact us to learn more about partnering with AIT.


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