NightStar Flashlight Operation

NightStar: Technical Support

Please consult the information below if your NightStar flashlight fails to operate properly. If the below information does not address proper operation please contact AIT.


Performance optimization…
NightStar LED flashlights are easily charged by holding the flashlight level or parallel to the ground and moderately shaking the light so the magnet completely passes through the wire coil. Charging is more efficient with the switch in the OFF position.  Optimum charging efficiency is achieved when the magnet passes 2 to 3 times per second through the coil. If shaken too vigorously or shaken in a vertical position, the charging magnet will hit the repulsion magnets. This level of vigorous shaking is inefficient and not recommended.  Correctly shaking the NightStar flashlight as described will result in a resonant condition that maximizes recharge efficiency. When resonance is reached, it will require fewer shakes to fully charge the capacitor. At resonance you will feel and hear the magnet smoothly changing direction due to the motion of the light matching the recoil of the magnetic repulsion system. (Optimum shaking of NightStar is analogous to pumping your legs correctly on a swing.)


NightStar flashlight fails to turn on after sitting for several weeks…
Over time, approximately 45 to 60 days, the flashlight capacitor will lose its electrical charge. This is natural and unlike a battery the loss of charge does not negatively impact the performance of a NightStar flashlight. Under these circumstances it will require 4 to 5 minutes of shaking, with the switch in the OFF position, to fully recharge the capacitor. After each 60 second period of shaking, rest for approximately 5 seconds to allow the capacitor voltage to equalize before shaking again. Once an electrical charge is reinstalled on the capacitor the flashlight will operate as advertised. The capacitor is capable of recharging hundreds of thousands of times so there is no concern about wearing out the light. By following these procedures your NightStar flashlight will operate correctly for years and most likely decades. In order to keep your NightStar flashlight immediately operational, AIT recommends that every 45 to 60 days a charge is reinstated on the capacitor.


Cleaning your NightStar flashlight…
Use only warm water and mild soap to clean the housing. Rinse with fresh water. Do not use petroleum distillates (such as gasoline or kerosene) or solvents such as acetone to clean any part of the flashlight. Certain insect repellents may also act as a solvent. The lens can be cleaned with Windex or any similar glass-cleaning product. Scratches on the lens can be polished out using toothpaste and water and rubbing in a circular motion with your finger.

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