No Pet Left Behind

Pets are Family Too

Emergency Kit for Your Pet

A tragic lesson learned from Hurricane Katrina is the number of human fatalities attributed to pet owners staying home to protect their beloved family members of the furry kind. Fortunately emergency response officials learned this lesson well and during the recent Colorado floods rescue workers understood the importance of rescuing both human and non-human creatures alike deploying significant resources including air and boat rescue to accomplish that goal.

The Colorado rescue project was dubbed No Pet Left Behind and its implementation was a tremendous success. Once rescued hundreds of volunteers opened their homes and property to provide a helping hand to evacuated homeowners by offering shelter and food to humans and pets alike.

Our pets welcome us home or ride shot gun in the car or truck as we run our errands about town. They are our best buds on many occasions and their loyalty is unmatched; especially dogs, my personal bias. Making sure our dogs and cats, not discounting the assortment of other critters we welcome into our lives, are safe during difficult times involves spending a few minutes to assemble emergency supplies that can be used to provide pet first aid.

The Humane Society publishes a list of basic supplies and other useful items that may very well be a life saver for your family member. In many cases your emergency supplies serve double duty and are suitable for both human and pet alike. When putting together your own personal safety kit take a few minutes to look at the list published on the Humane Society web site and think about augmenting your kit to include supplies suitable for pet emergency response. You never know if the pet you help may be that of a stranger who will be eternally grateful that you were able to help rescue or save a family member.

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