The Preparedness Shop Selects Vortex Flashlights

Vortex Crank Flashlight

Preparedness Shop Selects Vortex Crank Flashlights

September is Emergency Preparedness month and what better way to make sure you’re prepared for what the fall and winter months may bring is to make sure you have reliable lighting. The Vortex Crank flashlight is a spotlight, floodlight, emergency signal, and phone charger. It’s also waterproof to 33 feet. Vortex is a robust flashlight designed to withstand years of use. This is not a cheesy crank flashlight the goes whir and produces a marginal amount of light. Vortex spotlight with illuminate objects over 100 feet away or flood an area over 30 away with bright white light.

ECN is proud to supply our customers including The Preparedness Shop with our quality flashlights.  Check out their great selection of other  gear to get you through and emergency or enjoy a camping adventure.

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