Shake Flashlight

Shake Flashlight Benefits:

Shake flashlight technology was introduce by Applied Innovative Technologies in 1997.  Our magnetic force design is based upon Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetism.  The foundation for power generation around the globe. Utilizing the efficiency of a linear generator AIT shake flashlights optimum design in combination with quality manufacturing and superior components separate AIT shake flashlights from all others.

NightStar shake flashlights are capacitor powered lights that utilize a 1.5 Farad or 1.0 Farad capacitor. Capacitors have the ability to recharged hundreds of thousands of times without any negative effects on energy storage. Capacitors also operate at extreme temperatures; particularly, cold temperatures. NightStar shake flashlight are designed to operate for decades with zero maintenance. Capable of underwater submersion to depths exceeding 100 meters, withstanding impact of repeated drops onto a concrete surface, floats in an upright position and backed by a 5 year warranty NightStar flashlights are ideal for camping and emergency kits.


nightstarjp NightStar jP No Battery Flashlight
 NS3-blk-grn  NightStar Green LED No Battery Shake Flashlight
 RS  NightStar RS No Battery Shake Flashlight (Mini)

Flashlight Accessories

 Holder  Light Finder Luminescent Wall Mount
 Holster  NightStar Holster
 Nighstar Physics Book  NightStar No Battery Flashlight Physics Book

NightStar Technical Support

 Technical Support NightStar Questions and Answers
NightStar Flashlight Operation

For Fun (NightStar Video)


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