Shake Flashlights

Shake Flashlights – The Original

With the development of rare-earth magnets towards the end of the 20th century, generators capable of converting mechanical energy to electrical energy reached astounding efficiencies of 85% and higher. In addition, advancements in high energy capacitors and solid state Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) were simultaneously occurring. In 1997, Applied Innovative Technologies, Inc. recognized how the combination of these technologies could be integrated into a portable lighting device that is self-charging, does not require batteries or incandescent bulbs and when contained in a virtually indestructible housing will work for years even when subjected to abuse and neglect. The crowning result is the NightStar No Battery Flashlight, the first and global standard for shake flashlight technology.

Global Acceptance

The acceptance of shake flashlight technology led to the global explosion of the linear generator design and within a couple years the markets of emergency preparedness, recreation; particularly, camping, backpacking and boating, green products and education were established. A significant benefactor of shake flashlight technology is communities where electricity does not exist or its reliability is sporadic at best and areas that have be subjected to natural disasters.

Shake Flashlight Design Divergence

Over time the shake flashlight design diverged to incorporated high efficiency capacitors and NiMH rechargeable batteries. The capacitor design was further offset but encapsulating the flashlight into a polycarbonate housing (bullet proof glass) and installing a Reed switch so the housing remained one contiguous piece of injection molded plastic ensuring superior waterproof performance. The NightStar flashlight design is engineered to be the most reliable flashlight manufactured on the planet. With zero maintenance, minimal moving parts, a capacitor that can be recharged over 500,000 times, a high brightness LED, and quality construction that can take a beating NightStar is built to provide decades of worry free illumination.

A Shake Flashlight for Everyone

Recognizing not everyone needs the Fort Knox of flashlights an alternative design was introduced that incorporates the use of a NiMH battery, ABS plastic housing and traditional toggle switch. Price point driven yes…performance deprived NO. Shake Light 40 flashlight NiMH battery design allows the flashlight to operate for up to 2 hours on a single battery charge; however, it’s recommended to use the flashlight in intervals of 30 minutes to reduce the amount of recharge time. Light weight yet rugged the 7 inch length and weight of 5 ounces provides for a convenient range of uses including recreation, around the home or a contractor work flashlight.

Regardless of which model chosen, shake flashlights from EcoCentricNow LLC are exceptionally reliable and guaranteed to provide years on non-compromising performance.

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