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LightStorm Flashlights

cl1-dl1-sl1-plexiglassEach LightStorm wind up torch uses a Carbon Ultra-Capacitor to store energy – not rechargeable batteries. This feature distinguishes LightStorm LED flashlights from all other crank flashlights – LightStorm flashlights will provide years of unfailing illumination – all other wind up torch lights will soon end up in landfills when their non-replaceable batteries fail to work. With Carbon Ultra-Capacitors, LightStorm flashlights can operate in hot and cold environments and can be recharged over a hundred thousand times. And unlike batteries, Carbon Ultra-Capacitors will never corrode.


The LightStorm CL1 crank flashlight features a Quasar 1/2 watt (105,000 mcad) LED and precision parabolic reflector. The high intensity beam from these lights will spot illuminate a 9-ft (3m) area 80-ft (26m) away. Due to its unique saucer design, the LightStorm SL1 dynamo led flashlight uses a compact lens to refract light from the Quasar LED. The cone of light produced by SL1 will flood illuminate a 12-ft (4m) area 25-ft (8m) away.


Each LightStorm wind up torch uses a brushless dynamo generator that efficiently converts mechanical energy into electrical energy without suffering wear and fatigue.


lightstorm-componentsIn addition to the Quasar LED exclusively featured in each LightStorm wind up torch, they also use a variety of StarCore® LEDs. LightStorm CL1 uses 2 white StarCore LEDs for flood illumination. LightStorm SL uses 3 white StarCore LEDs for a broad area flood illumination and 3 red StarCore LEDs for emergency signaling.


Each LightStorm light also has a built-in power jack with charging cable that plugs into Mini USB connector which is suitable for charging Motorola V3, V6, and Blackberry phones as well as MP3 and MP4 music players. Additional connectors can be purchased separately.


The entire family of LightStorm wind up torch LED flashlights use state-of-the-art components and are ruggedly constructed in ABS housings to resistant motor oil and diesel fuel. The LightStorm DL1 dynamo flashlight is also waterproof to a depth of 200-ft (61m). Without a doubt, LightStorm crank flashlights surpass all others in performance and versatility.


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